Welcome at the web site of Awakening Creations, the place where you can see and experience unique geometric light and energystructures. Geometry is the basis of creation, the language of light, of frequencies and energy. Geometry communicates with our deepest being and gives insights, awareness and healing.
Each geometrical form has a function and emboddies energy. A correct observation of the forms and universal models demands a combination of logic, creativity and intuition. 
'Who wants to understand, must learn to see patterns. '

Sir Isaiah Berlin, Russian-British social and political theoretician, philosopher and historian (1909 - 1997)
Personal hologram
Your own personal hologram

Because every person has his/her own geomety and pattern I can translate it for you in a mandala or hologram. I can also translate your personal story or wish in a symbolic piece of art. I work with color pencils, pastels and drawing software on my computer. The maximum size is 50 x 50 cm. Please contact me via the contact form and I will inform you about the procedure etc.

Have a look around and enjoy the creations.

Thank you for your interest and I wish you an inspirational day!

Shirley Hoekstra
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